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Welcome to the  Hotel Osadia Ventura

Welcome to Hotel Osadia Ventura, your perfect country retreat on Lake Calima, Colombia! Here, where luxury meets nature, we offer a unique experience, ideal for families, couples or groups looking for an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Upon entering our hotel, you will immerse yourself in an environment where every detail has been carefully thought out to guarantee an unforgettable stay. Surrounded by the serenity and natural beauty of the Colombian countryside and with stunning views of Lake Calima, famous for being one of the best destinations for kitesurfing, our hotel offers a perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

At Hotel Osadia Ventura, we understand that pets are part of the family. For this reason, we pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly establishment. Your four-legged friends will be welcomed with the same warmth and hospitality as each of our guests, ensuring that the whole family enjoys a complete and worry-free experience.

Our facilities are ideal for all types of travelers. Families will enjoy spacious rooms and outdoor activities that young and old alike will love. Couples will find our country setting the perfect place for a romantic retreat, with sunset walks and intimate dinners under the stars. For groups, we offer a variety of entertainment and adventure experiences, as well as spaces ideal for socialization and fun.

The Osadia Ventura Hotel is not only a destination, it is an experience that combines the natural beauty of Colombia with comfort and luxury. Here, amidst the tranquility of the countryside, every day is an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for adventure on the lake, a moment of peace in nature, or simply a cozy place to relax with your loved ones and pets, the Osadia Ventura Hotel is your ideal destination.

We welcome you to our country paradise, where magic and tranquility come together to offer you an exceptional stay!

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