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to the Osadia Ventura Hotel

The ideal destination to disconnect and live unforgettable adventures...

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                           Lago Calima Darién, Valle del Cauca

Here the adventurers of Osadia lived in our exclusive rooms

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Osadía Ventura offers a unique and revitalizing experience, ideal for those seeking excitement and relaxation in the heart of the natural beauty of Lake Calima.

Lake / Pool


Osadía Ventura, a paradise of adventures and activities located on the beautiful shores of Lake Calima, and also a completely pet-friendly destination. Here, adventure lovers can enjoy a wide range of exciting activities together with their faithful four-legged companions.


“The attention of the staff, the very beautiful place, good location, delicious food and good portion, comfortable and spacious rooms. We will definitely return.”


“In general everything is very beautiful, clean, you feel incredible peace, the attention of all the staff. Etc"


“Excellent facilities and very friendly staff”

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